JUNGLE ROT to tour US with Deicide

Death metal institution and Napalm recording artists JUNGLE ROT will be touring the United States next month with Earache recording artists DEICIDE. Touring in support of latest album (and Napalm debut) What Horrors Await, JUNGLE ROT will play the following confirmed dates/venues:
October 7, 2009  US - Dallas, TX / House of Blues (w/ Deicide)

Interview with Nazxul

Interview with Nazxul:

In the eve of the release of their long awaited "Iconoclast" album and their first American tour, we had a chance to present the band with a few questions, and here is what they had to say:

Interview with Hot Buttered Anal

One of the most 'weird' band's that I had the pleasure of reviewing in the last couple of months has been Hot Buttered Anals, so naturally I could not resists asking the band a few questions. We talked about their name, their inspirations and their massive stage destruction scheme the would execute if money was not an issue.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions and let’s get started:

Interview with Edguy (Tobias Sammett)

Recently Edguy has been touring North America and during this tour we had the opportunity to catch up via Email with Tobias Sammett, the mastermind and front man of the band. Tobias answered the interview probably in a guiness record time and here is what he has to say about the tour, the band's musical evolution, his future projects and his dreams of riding a white hamster over the crowds head.

Merrimack – Grey Rigorism (2009)


Merrimack is a French Black Metal band that while not extremely ‘known in the scene’, they manage to create a good album with “Grey Rigorism”. After 3 years of releasing their best album to date “Of Entropy And Life Denial” the band is here trying to recapture their momentum, but they just achieve other album just like “Of Entropy And Life Denial” and nothing more.

The quality of “Grey Rigorism” is unquestionable and the band is very good at writing songs and creating a very malevolent atmosphere. If this is the first album you have heard of the band it will surely blow you away. The band creates a very balanced mix of BM that includes fast tremolo picked parts and some less intense more rhythmic parts, like many BM bands are doing these days, particularly Marduk.

Diablo Swing Orchestra – Sing-Along Songs For The Damned & Delirious (2009)


When I first heard “The Butcher's Ballroom” back in 2006, I was blown away by the very interesting and at the same time very bizarre combination of musical genres that this album presents. The overall atmosphere created by that album is heavily intoxicating like a siren’s chant or the devil’s whisper.

Fast-forward three years into the future and the Swedes behind the Diablo Swing Orchestra are back with their second album that will surely establish them as one of the premiere Avant-garde Metal bands of all time. “Sing-Along Songs…” is a brilliant album that had me hooked on it since the first time I heard the CD.

Ethereal Collapse – Breaching The Citadel (2006)


When I first received this band’s ‘promo’ package with a burned CD-R and a hand written information sheet, I was about to discard this release instantly since I have not received something like this in several years. However I decided to play the CD on my car on the way to a party one night and I was blown away because of what I heard.

I was almost not able to get out of the car in order to finish listening to the brilliant mix of Melodic Death Metal and Trash Metal that this band has managed to put on their first full-length album. The music was that good, since it’s a perfect balance of both genres and it’s completely unpredictable.


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