Eluveitie – Origins (2014)


With a thunderous release, today we have Eluveitie and their premier Folk Metal in the shape of “Origins”. Featuring over 55 minutes of music, the band further develops their sound while retaining their signature instrumentation in 16 action filled tracks. With no signs of slowing down after the departure of their longtime violinist Meri Tadic, the band delivers one of their finest releases to date.

Quickly exploding into action with “The Nameless” after their intro track, the band delivers a catchy Folk tune filled with Bagpipes and contrasting crushing guitars. The band’s catchy atmosphere is nicely implanted in epic tracks like “From Darkness”, “Celtos”, and the melodramatic “Virunus”, a personal favorite of us. Chrigel’s vocals are as good as ever and his mastery of instruments like Mandolin, Ulieann pipes, etc. really put the band above all others that rely on computer generated instrumentations to fill their sound.

Not being consumed by the whole party gimmick that other Folk Metal bands have embraced in the last few years, Eluveitie takes their craft very seriously and delivers quite diverse and engaging songs like “The Call of the Mountains” that nicely changes the tempo of this release. Another standout track is the moody “Vianna” that further showcases Anna Murphy’s exquisite vocals and greatly incorporates them into the band’s signature sound.

In tracks like “The Silver Sister”, “The King” and “The Day of Strife” we hear that the band is fully committed to their heavier roots and delivers crushing riffs and tight drumming. The best song in this release comes under the name “Carry the Torch”, a track that is very diverse in nature an features everything a fan of the band could wish for. As a whole, “Origins” is a very well rounded release that has a song just about fits every single stage of the band’s career with their current enhancements. Nicely improving over their previous release, this is one album no fan of Eluveitie wants to miss.

Band: Eluveitie Album: Origins

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: August 5th, 2014

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Folk Metal

Country: Switzerland

Rating: 88/100

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