Hammerfall – (r)Evolution (2014)


Greatly improving over their 2011 release “Infected”, today we have Hammerfall and their signature Heavy Metal with “(r)Evolution”. In this release, the band continues to push forward with their quest of the perfect Heavy Metal album and they get a bit closer thanks to their refined sound. Nearly 50 minutes of high-octane music make this release one of the best of 2014 so far.

Leading with the catchy chorus section of “Hector’s Hymn”, the band gives this release a very epic spin since the opening song. The band’s Heavy Metal pedigree is instantly audible in this intense track. As Joacim Cans vocals lead another epic onslaught with the album title track, we are quickly taken by surprise on how quickly this album grows on you. The majestic guitar leads of Oscar Dronjak greatly elevate this song to the next level.

As we arrive to the release first single, “Bushido”, we are completely in Heavy Metal nirvana with such a fine piece of music. Featuring dramatic vocals and a very epic progression, this is one of those tracks that should go into the Heavy Metal hall of fame. This is probably one of our most favorite tracks in the last 10 years in terms of catchiness and majestic chorus sections.

With such an epic song the band nicely brings us back to earth with engaging and diverse songs like “Live Life Loud” and “Ex Inferis”, until they bring back the big guns again with another scorcher with “We Won’t Back Down”. Featuring amazing guitar solos and killer drums, this is another song you will not be able to take out of your head in weeks. The typical Power-ballad follows under the name of “Winter is Coming”, and it is actually quite good for fans of these types of melodic mellow songs.

As the band blows through “Origins” and the Accept-esque “Tainted Metal”, this album is starting to bring memories of levels of epicness only achieved by bands like Sabaton that can do nothing wrong when it comes to writing brilliant epic songs that could lead armies into battle. Closing with “Wildfire”, we eagerly left wanting to go back and play “Bushido” once more even though this is an interesting track that uses some odd chorus arrangements.

Next to Accept’s “Blind Rage”, this is an album that should not go unnoticed by any nostalgic fans of Heavy Metal since it is one of the band’s best releases to date. Filled with epic songs that bleed traditional Heavy Metal vibes, “(r)Evolution” is truly a landmark release by this legendary band, so get off your couch and run to pre-order this little gem.

Band: Hammerfall Album: (r)Evolution

Label:Nuclear Blast Records

Release: September 16th, 2014

Oficial Site Social Media

Genre: Heavy Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 92/100

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