Urfaust – Empty Space Mediation (2016)


Perfectly arriving for Halloween 2016 via Ván Records, today we have Urfaust and their fourth full-length release “Empty Space Mediation”. After a considerable number of single and split releases since the last full-length, this Atmospheric Black Metal duo returns with one of the most disturbing and yet captivating releases the year.

The opener sets a very hypnotic atmosphere with very minimal elements and throat singing passages which send chills through the listener’s spine. The album continues with the incisive “Meditatum II” and its brilliant atmospheric keyboards. This track quickly changes the pace of things with a perfect balance of majestic clean vocals and harsh vocals. The music is perfectly delivered in a wide variety of tempos which showcase melodic riffs and blistering drums.

VRDRBR’s drums create the perfect hypnotic rhythms which make this release intoxicating and disturbing, a fine example is “Meditatum III”. This track’s clean vocals remind us a bit of Kristoffer Rygg’s work with Ulver and Arcturus. Digging further into the bowels of hell, the ritual continues with the demoralizing “Mediatum IV”, a track which atmosphere is so thick it will give you nightmares.

Changing things up a bit, “Meditatum V” has a very vibrant Black’n’Roll vibe going, brilliantly changing the mood and pace of the album, just before its conclusion. Bringing down the curtain of this release, the band delivers the very unique “Meditatum VI”. In this final track the band experiments with a sitar and very ethereal vocal arrangements, creating yet another very unique and unnerving piece.

Overall, “Empty Space Mediation” is indeed a very atmospheric and unique release. Urfaust manages to further expand their sound with very subtle and unique elements. While many bands focus on delivering their dark message with extreme musical violence, VRDRBR and IX do it via creepy atmospherics and unique arrangements. If you are a fan of atmospheric and experimental Black(ish) Metal, this release will expand your mind due to its intricacies and uniqueness.

Band: Urfaust Album: Empty Space Mediation

Label: Ván Records

Release: October 28th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal/Ambient

Country: Netherlands

Rating: 93/100

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