Madder Mortem – Red in Tooth and Claw (2016)


As one of the biggest surprises of 2016, today we have the return of Madder Mortem and their whacky Progressive Metal with “Red in Tooth and Claw”. Always hard to peg down and describe, this Norwegian band has consistently released very unique album and with this one they sound as crazy as ever. Delivering over 50 minutes of music, this release was definitely worth the 6 year wait.

Opening with the funky “Blood on the Sand” we are instantly transported to the band’s unique musical world. Agnete’s signature vocals perfectly lead this very engaging track that features tons of odd tempo changes and has a certain circus vibe to it. The madness continues in very different shapes as “If I could” and “Fallow Season” deliver funkadelic rhythms and very playful combinations of intricate bass guitar lines and heavy riffs.

Going a bit mellow with “Pitfalls”, this track weaves back and forth between playful guitars and a very hypnotic chorus section which showcases the highly emotional range of Agnete’s talents. Blending very jazzy atmospheric influences with late Satyricon-esque riffs, “All the Giants are Dead” is the perfect blend of madness and melody we love of this band. Things continue to get crazier with the crushing “Parasites” and the psychedelic “Stones for Eyes”, both songs reminded us of the last Ephel Duath releases.

Always changing the pace of things, “The Whole where your Heart Belongs” nicely goes into somber territory with a very dark and emotional piece. Closing with the playful “Underdogs”, the band perfectly brings together killer guitar leads and intricate drum patterns to deliver a very unique experience.

Overall, “Red in Tooth and Claw” is yet another brilliant release by Madder Mortem. The band has refined their style over the years and now they achieve maximum impact with their crazy tempo changes and crafty instrumentation. If you are a fan of the band, we can only say that you will most definitely not be disappointed with this release.

Band: Madder Mortem Album: Red in Tooth and Claw

Label: Dark Essence Records

Release: October 28th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Progressive/Avant-garde Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 92/100

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