Lascar – Absence (2016)


Being huge fans of Post-Black Metal it is always quite delightful to get a new release from the genre that manages to be good enough to avoid being called a clone of Alcest, Heretoir, etc, today Lascar deserves that honor with their debut release Absence. Hailing from Chile, this new signing to ATMF’s A Sad Sadness Song imprint unleashes to a wider audience this special release that also includes the band’s demo titled “Depths”.

Opening with melancholic acoustic guitars, “Atlas” delivers a very interesting mixture of elements from bands like Agalloch and An Autumn for Crippled Children. The track’s rawness is perfectly balanced by dramatic atmospheric elements and mournful riffs. As a one man project, Lascar manages to control all creative aspects and delivers emotionally charged songs that ooze melancholy and brutality as the contrasting “Wilderness”.

“Regions of Light” is our personal favorite track from “Absence” as it gradually builds up to a blistering onslaught of harsh screams, pummeling drums, and melodic riffs a la Deafheaven. Closing the new release we have the melancholy of “Last Sea”, a very powerful track that perfectly rounds up such an emotionally charged release filled with tempo changes and majestic atmosphere.

This release is rounded up by three extra tracks that are taken from the “Depths” demo. As you can imagine, these songs are on the same vein but a bit rawer and less refined as their newest material. However, they perfectly round up this album and showcase the evolution of Lascar over the years, and also add an extra 20+ minutes for the delight of the listener.

Overall, “Absence” does a great job in introducing Lascar to the wider Post-Black Metal community with four brilliant songs and a few extras that are quite enjoyable. If you like anybody from Deafheaven to Alcest, you will definitely enjoy such an emotional and brutal release.

Band: Lascar Album: Absence

Label: A Sad Sadness Song

Release: December 4th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Post-Black Metal

Country: Chile

Rating: 90/100

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