Allochiria – Throes (2017)


With a very unique mixture of Sludge/Post-Metal and even some Post-Rock elements, today we have the debut release of Allochiria, titled “Throes”. Featuring six tracks of perfectly balanced aggression with dreamy guitars, this Greek band will appeal to fans of outfits like Amenra and Neurosis but with a Sludgier edge.

Opening with the punishing “Thrusts”, we have genre-typical pounding riffs/bass guitar paired with hearty screams, however, the guitar leads and the overall pace change instantly make the band’s sound different and engaging. This is clearly carried over through this release as tracks like “Little Defeats, Tiny Victories” feel more experimental than straightforward. Cult of Luna influences can be heard in this album as the drumming is quite crafty and perfectly directs the guitar work.

Our favorite track in this release is the dreamy “Cracking Fractals”, a track that perfectly contrasts Sludgy passages with dramatic and dreamy Post-Rock-ish guitars. This combination creates a very unique sound that the band fully embraces and develops in multiple creative ways as we can hear in “Lifespotting” and the even more experimental “Counting Fives”, featuring very lush atmospheric sections and a pulsating bass guitar line.

The album closes with the trippy “Denouement”, a song filled with weird percussions and a brilliant progression. With “Throes”, Allochiria delivers one of the most unique and diverse releases of 2017. We are quite impressed with how well all the band’s influences come together to deliver very solid dreamy and at the same time aggressive songs. Set to be released on Art of Propaganda, this album is one that you don’t want to miss if you like experimental genre-bending music.

Band: Allochiria Album: Throes

Label: Art of Propaganda

Release: March 17th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Sludge / Post-Metal

Country: Greece

Rating: 88/100

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