ghUSa – Öswedeme (2017)


Hailing from France, today we have Death Metal outfit ghUSa and their perfect hybrid of modern and old-school Swedish death metal. For a band being together since 1989 “Öswedeme” is the band’s second full-length release, filled with brilliant headbanging moments and crushing nostalgic passages. With a lively atmosphere and killer musical influences, this release will make you yearn for the early days of Swedish Death Metal and bands like Entombed, Grave, etc.

Opening with the savage riffing and tension of “28 Days Later” the band sets the mood quite brilliantly for this engaging release. Things get cranked up to 11 with the brutal “h” and its Amon Amarth meets Entombed approach. The release continues with the Centinex-inspired “Project 9” which features crushing growls and fast paced drumming surrounded by a punishing bass guitar line.

The album continues to roll with neck snapping tracks like “Death of Glory”, “Epitaph” and the Grave-like “Sickening”, delivering waves of pummeling guitars and deep and firm growls with some traditional guitar solos thrown into the mix. While the band’s sound is retro Swedish DM, we can notice some newer influences from outfits like Amon Amarth and Soilwork thrown into the mix, and the production is at all times top notch. This greatly highlights the brutality of the music and keeps tracks like “In Gods we Fear” and ”Carve Up”, both brutal and catchy.

Closing with the sheer power of “Flying in a Dark Dream”, we are left very pleased with this killer release. The band is very authentic when it comes to keeping true to their musical roots and delivers great songs that could have been easily written by any of the more famous bands we have mentioned. If you are a Swedish DM fanatic, this release will certainly give you more songs to head bang to.

Band: ghUSa Album: Öswedeme

Label: White Square

Release: February 22nd, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Death Metal

Country: France

Rating: 90/100

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