Black Metal

  • Dodsferd – Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow (2009)


    Directly from Greece this one man machine blows us away with his newest opus of Misanthropic Black Metal. Every once in a while we are graced by a release that is so raw and nihilistic, and this months turn belongs to Dodsferd. This album features 2 tracks but provides us with almost 40 minutes of true Black Metal that will make you suicidal (in a good way).

  • Horde Of Hel – Blodskam (2009)


    When I got this promo, I was intrigued by how this band would sound since it’s said to feature anonymous legends from the Swedish Death/Black metal scene. I was not disappointed with Horde Of Hel this album is very raw and brutal with some hints of freshness in them.

  • Archgoat - The Light-Devouring Darkness (2009)


    This Finish band plays the style of Black / Death metal that I dislike the most, so I’ll try to be as objective as possible for the sake of the review. The band had an 11 years hiatus and came back to deliver their satanic message with a vengeance. I must say that the sound quality of this album is exactly the similar to a low budget production circa early 90’s.

  • Ruins – Cauldron (2009)


    The metal heads from Ruins hail from Tasmania, Australia, and their music is indeed very interesting. The band is labeled as Black Metal and you can clearly hear the influences and some songs a very straight forward Black metal (track 5). Other songs are a different mutation of Black Metal that I have a hard time pointing out.

  • Old Wainds - Death Nord Kult (2009)


    Old Wainds hails from Russia, and their sound is a quite interesting mix of Black Metal with some Trash elements and some Shoe-gaze elemets in between. “Death Nord Kult” provides us with a very good release since it’s the Black Metal we all like, but they add their own things to the mix, separating this release from the hundreds of releases every year.

  • In Memorium – Lost To Antiquity (2009)


    In Memorium is an American band that features members from several other bands, most notable the current vocalist from Abazagorath; Nihilist. This album provides us with 50 minutes of pure black metal that will pierce your ear drums. The music, while very primitive, is very effective in giving that perfect black metal feeling an album should have.

  • Black Messiah – The First War of the World (2009)


    Black Messiah is one of those bands that is very hard to determine what kind of music they play. They combine Black Metal influences with Viking/Folk metal and they excel at it, creating a very nice blend of genres in a very diverse album. Every song offers different elements that will keep even the most A.D.D person paying attention all the way to the end.

  • Visions Of The Night – Nocturnal Militia (2007)


    If you want brutal, you’ll get brutal, if you want blazing fast guitars, you’ll get blazing fast guitars, if you want monstrous drumming, you also get them. All of these elements and more are packed in “Nocturnal Militia”.  This war and occultism inspired outfit from Canada are here to stay and haunt everybody with their album. This album does not lack energy and brutality in any aspect, the production is crystal clear and the music is like a round of AK-47 shots.

    While the band style is more death metal oriented they have certain elements of black metal that make it an interesting mix of genres. The twelve tracks on this release are enough to keep moshing the whole time. And you will certainly want more.

  • Hellsaw – Cold (2009)


    This Austrian band plays a very unique blend of Black Metal. It’s harsh, melodic and sometimes even groovy. The combination of styles makes “Cold” a very entertaining album to listen to. I must admit that I was moving my head up and down with most of the songs of this album, since they provide a prefect combination of brutality and melody that I rarely hear from Black Metal bands.

    “Cold” is the band’s third full length album and it show how they have been evolving since playing mainly harsh Black Metal to a more balances but equally aggressive style. Musically this band has a lot to offer, this two man outfit manages to create a cold and depressive atmosphere only rellying on distorted guitars and blast beats that rival any other band of the genre.


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