• Frozen Ocean – Trollvinter (2013)


    Russia’s Frozen Ocean has always kept us guessing when it comes to their very interesting releases and today we have the totally weird and completely instrumental “Trollvinter”. Inspired by “Moominland Midwinter” of Tove Jansson, this release features 10 tracks of ambient movements that will surely bring back the nightmares generated by movies like “Event Horizon” and its weird atmospheric soundtrack.

    The very mysterious “Sömnlöshet” opens this release with a certain cinematic feeling to it from old-school cartoons of something being followed in the woods by an evil creature. This very dark and yet relaxing vibe is prolonged by the dreamy “Att Betrakta Begravde Världen”. Followed by the drone-ish “Snöa Lanterna”, Frozen Winter has managed to create very somber soundscapes that are perfect to be enjoyed while walking in the woods on a dark and rainy day.

  • Frozen Ocean – A Perfect Solitude (2012)


    Hailing from Russia, today we have one-man band/project Frozen Ocean presenting his 2012 full-length release titled “A Perfect Solitude”. Handling all the instruments and drum programming, Vaarwel manages to craft a very powerful and atmospheric release that showcases his excellent songwriting skills. Featuring seven tracks and nearly 45 minutes of chilling music, this release delivers a hefty amount of bleak soundscapes that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.

    The bleak intro “Broken Window” sets a very mysterious and moody atmosphere that is very unnerving in nature. As the raining sounds bleed into “Somewhere Clouds Debark”, the mood keeps being very eerie and ethereal. The powerful distorted guitars elevate this track while maintaining the chilling atmosphere created. The vocals are very interesting since they are quite lush and greatly enhance the atmosphere, reminding us a bit of bands like Falkenbach and Thyrfing.

  • Sagntid – The Undisciplined Heart of Sagntid (2012)


    Delivering another dosage of creepy atmospheric brilliance, today we have Sagntid and their latest release “The Undisciplined Heart of Sagntid”. Keeping the very eerie vibe always present, this one man band delivers the goods once more in a 10-track release that will keep you at the edge of your seat when played at night and in the dark.

    Warming up with “Fierce Pride” the mood is very martial and with the addition of sporadic vocals the listener will be immediately immerse into Sagntid’s world. The longest track in this release is the complex “All Contact Ceased”, a very emotional and quite relaxing track that is very hypnotic in nature.

  • Sagntid – Where the Black Dogs Cease To Bark (2009)


    One-man Danish Dark Ambient project Sagntid brings forth their 2-song demo/promo from back in 2009. In this highly haunting and minimalist release, Sagntid delivers excellent Ambient music that will send chills through your spine the moment the album starts warming up. With a very minimalistic approach, this is the kind of stuff you want to play on a long winter night.

    The first track in this release is a nearly 19 minute exploration into darkness. Filled with great atmospheric passages, Sagntid paints lush landscapes with very few elements creating a bleak and desolate feeling. We particularly love how musicians from Scandinavia can perfectly express their vast and desolate landscapes of their northern territories through music and this song is the perfect example of this.

  • Lustre – Lost In Lustrous Night Skies (2013)


    One-man Atmospheric Black Metal force Lustre delivers their latest compilation of unreleased (or hard to find) tracks under the title of “Lost In Lustrous Night Skies”. Featuring five tracks inspired by Burzum’s atmospheric pieces, this release is quite a treat for hard-core Lustre fans and fans of Atmospheric and creepy Black Metal.

    “Spirit” delivers the opening 12 minutes of very minimalistic and highly atmospheric bone chilling music. Very simple keyboards and atmospheric elements create a very dense and eerie atmosphere that is enhanced by distorted guitars and devastating screams of agony. A similar approach is taken on the disturbing instrumental “Echoes of Transcendence”. With “Into The Ancient Darkness” we have more of a Bruzum feeling that is combined with elements of bands like Austere and such. The screams are quite fitting for the purely atmospheric content of such a track.

  • Deep-pression - Vegtelen Tenger (2012)


    After not really liking the band’s previous releases, we finally have found the key to enjoy Deep-pression’s very unique and disturbing music: while taking a hike in the dark. If you listen to this album while you walk alone in the woods, we guarantee that you will go paranoid in a few minutes and think something supernatural is following you around, and this is without the help of drugs or any other ‘mood enhancer’.

    The traditional intro flying by, “Syreny” creeps up on you with some Psycho-esque ambient sounds that made us jump when not expecting them. The guest vocals in this release really hit the jackpot as they are creepy as fuck. We imagine that a ghost would sound exactly like this, and they greatly add to the overall ambience of the music. “Tam,Gdzie Martwe statki Jęczą...” is equally creepy and very effective thanks to the dark ambient elements and the dissonant bass guitar here and there.

  • KoldVoid – Roadside Ghosts (2012)


    Arriving on a promo package filled with goodies from Romania, today we have KoldVoid’s “Roadside Ghosts”. In this dreamy release we are treated to 11 tracks of pure atmospheric brilliance that bring imagery from some of the most surreal and unique movies such as David Lynch’s work. If you want to be transported into very ethereal places, this is the release for you.

    In this debut release, KoldVoid manages to create beautiful landscapes since the openers “Start” and “Equilibrium”. With a very minimalist sound at first, this release transports the listener immediately with perfectly timed ambient elements. The hypnotic “Phantasma” is the first stand out track with an excellent cinematic feeling of flying through space in a very smooth and relaxing trip.

  • En Nihil – The Approaching Dark (2013)


    As one of the most annoying releases we have received in the last few months, today we have En Nihil’s idea of ‘music’. In “The Approaching Dark” we have 52 minutes of ambient noises with a few creepy elements and a shit-ton of repetition.

    While trying to be too creepy and apocalyptic, this release just swims in a sea of uninspired atmospheric elements that never really deliver anything. There are some tracks that are plain irritating like “Futile Man - The Weight Of Absolution” and it’s droning frequencies.

  • Picture Ann - Cinema Screen Sadism (2010)


    As we are used to reviewing Metal albums, whenever we get something that is a bit out of our comfort zone we always embrace the challenge and try to do justice to the music. Today we have a one-man project titled Picture Ann and ‘their’ 2010 release “Cinema Screen Sadism”. In this two-track EP we have combination of hypnotic atmospheric elements with some distorted guitars and very somber vocals.

    Opening with “Film Window”, we are treated to a very minimalistic song that is quite entertaining and equally eerie. The atmospheric elements are quite intoxicating and the clean vocals greatly enhance the overall creepy experience. The distorted guitars are quite distance but equally gratifying providing depth to the track.

  • Amiral! – Persona Non Grata (2012)


    As the perfect break from listening to countless hours of Metal every day, today we have Amiral!’s debut full-length release “Persona Non Grata”. With very few Metal influences this ambient/instrumental rock release delivers 11 tracks of eerie atmospheres and beautifully crafted melodic passages. Being a one-man project, this release is extremely well produced and perfectly executed, showcasing the superb musical abilities of the mystery man behind Amiral!.

    Opening with some audio from George Romero’s “Diary of the Dead”, “Chi Kung” sets the mood for an ethereal musical experience. “Petites frappes en enfer” creates a very eerie atmosphere with dreamy guitar work and a hypnotic pace. Things get a bit weirder with the Trip-hop infused “Timisoara”. This track reminds us of Ulver and their current experimental phase, but with some sweet guitar leads.