• Year Of No Light – Ausserwelt (2010)


    Around the same vein as Ufo Mammuth, we have Year Of No Light, and band that does great justice to its name by playing mesmerizing Ambient Doom with Shoegaze influences that will take you in a dark voyage with a considerable lack of light. Hailing from France, this band has a very crushing sound, mostly due to the fact that they have three guitar players and two drummers, one of the richest line-ups we have ever seen in a band.

    “Ausserwelt” is a 48 minute journey into a dark and desolate place that features a very rich and powerful soundtrack. With 4 tracks the band manages to create a super thick atmosphere that only a handful of bands are capable of. This album is not for the weak of mind and will surely blow yours away with every listen you dedicate to it.

  • The Hawkwind Triad - The Hawkwind Triad (2010)


    Providing a solid tribute to British space rockers Hawkwind we have Havestman, US Christmas, and Minsk. Released on Neurot Recordings, The Hawkwind triad do an excellent job in capturing the classical atmosphere created by Hawkwind while adding the uniqueness of each band into the mix, and fully respecting the original songs.

    One of the things we find the most interesting is that the tracks that each band performed are mixed together through the album, and it still flows like it was only one band making the tribute. Something very unique and refreshing, since tributes usually consist of several bands playing one or a few tracks and there is most of the time a huge quality gap between bands.

  • Orwell – Endeavors (2009)


    Out of the countless new bands playing Melodic Death Metal is not hard to identify which ones are worth listening to and which ones are just products of trendsters trying to make a quick buck. Orwell from Wisconsin is one of the few that are worth listening to. The band combines the old Swedish Melodic DM sound with some Trash influences and bits of the more modern Metalcore sound.

    Delivering one crushing tracks after another one; “Endeavors” is a very powerful second release from this young American band that hopefully dethrones most of the current trendy Metalcore bands that the kiddies seem to enjoy so much. With its strong Swedish influences, Orwell demanded immediate attention from us, and will surely do the same for the rest of the listeners.

  • Wuthering Heights – Salt (2010)


    Four years have passed since the release of the acclaimed “The Shadow Cabinet” and finally we have Wuthering Heights returning with another Power Metal masterpiece. The Danish sextet has managed not only to equal their impressive last album, but greatly improve over it with “Salt”.

    With a brilliant combination of Power, Progressive Metal, and some minor Folk Metal influences. Wuthering Heights has released a very impressive set of albums since “Within”, and have been improving constantly over time making them one of the premiere European Power Metal bands in our opinion.

  • Celestia – Archaenae Perfectii (L'arche Arcane des Parfaits) (2010)


    Celestia is one of those bands that has impressed us since their first EP we heard of them back in 1999 called “A Cave Full Of Bats”. The band has that raw, brutal and yet melodic Black Metal sound that we wish more bands had. Hailing from France, Celestia is currently releasing their third full-length album with “Archaenae Perfectii” and its one of the most intense whirlwind Black Metal experiences you will have in the last few years.

    If you are a cult Black Metal follower then you should know who Celestia is. The band’s music borders in that fine line of raw brutality and beauty that not so many bands can dance around. On one side of the music you have the raw intensity of the riffing and the shrieks of pain, and on the other side you have that atmospheric melodic aspect that clearly contrasts Celestia’s type of Black Metal.

  • Nightbringer – Apocalypse Sun (2010)


    Hailing from Colorado, we have one of the most enigmatic and brutal raw Black Metal bands to have ever been formed on American soil. “Apocalypse Sun” is the band’s second full-length album and it’s a bestial release that surpasses anything the band has ever put out before.

    The overall band’s highly esoteric image is greatly portrayed in this brutal release that will leave you thirsty for more. Featuring ten tracks of pure destructive Black Metal, Nightbringer is about to take a big step out of the underground with the monumental “Apocalypse Sun”.

  • Ufomammut – Eve (2010)


    Every single time that Ufomammut has released an album and we have heard it, it has taken a bit to fully sink and be appreciated. All 6 full-length releases from this Italian trio push the boundaries of madness and Psychedelic Doom Metal, leaving them a few miles away from the competition.

    “Eve” marks the band’s 6th release and it’s a 45 minute one-track divided in 5 movements’ behemoth. You can truly note the level of genius/insanity behind such a crushing release that will leave you thinking for a while. The band has a great ability in creating exploratory voyages into their twisted minds in every single one of their releases.

  • Lair Of The Minotaur - Evil Power (2010)


    With a very interesting band name: Lair Of The Minotaur, and a superb album title “Evil Power” we review today this band from the USA. The band plays a very interesting combination of Trash and Doom metal that we have only heard a handful of times. With the unconventional combination of genres comes either great or terrible music, but Lair Of The Minotaur pulls it off nicely.

    Since the first moments of “Evil Power” you can hear what the band is all about: combining Trashy riffs with Doom metal’s grinding style. And as you can expect, the band produces pure power and aggression with their 30 minutes of music divided in 11 tracks.

  • Ichabod – 2012 (2009)


    With the waves of bands playing Stoner Rock/Metal with Psychedelic influences we have a hard time finding something worth listening to. Ichabod solves this problem for us with 2012, their 3rd full-length album in 11 years of existence. The band does a good job in reminding us what this genre is all about with their grooviness and heaviness.

    Hailing from Massachusetts, the band has the traditional American sound of this genre. They also do a great job in capturing the moodiness of stoner rock and making it their own. However, in whenever the band uses clean vocals they sound terrible; the singer really needs to get some lessons before attempting them again. The harsh vocals are good enough for a release of this kind.

  • Haken – Aquarius (2010)


    Having formed back in 2007, Haken sounds like a band that’s been around for decades. Attempting to dethrone Dream Theater, Haken is here to blow us away with their impressive first release. The band comes close with a very good progressive Metal/Rock Jazzy album with “Aquarius”, but the only problem is that they sound too much like DT and IQ.

    “Aquarius” is a monumental 72 minute long release that is very impressive and every Prog fan should check this one out. In a few years Haken has done what it has taken 10-15 years to other bands. The band has polished their sound greatly and they can compose monumental 16 minute songs that will keep you engaged the whole time, with not a single dull moment.


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