• Ptahil - Ortus (2010)


    We are usually very weary of releases that feature two songs and 30 minutes of music. Unless they are Funeral Doom Metal releases or Ambient releases it usually means two things: 1) They suck so bad that our ears will bleed from listening to them at least 3 times, or 2) They are very good and get you completely involved in the atmosphere created by the band. Ptahil’s “Ortus” falls under number 2, from start to finish you are hooked and taken aback by a ritualistic Black Metal experience.

    The atmosphere created by the Satanists behind Ptahil is unparalleled to any other Black Metal release we have heard in years. While the music is simple and somewhat repetitive, it creates a hypnotic trance that will transport you to a different place in moments. We don’t even notice these repetitive elements until we only listen to parts of songs, as a whole they are part of the experience behind “Ortus”.

  • Hellbastard – The Need To Kill (2009)


    For a band that are the ‘creators’ of the Crust genre, this band disappeared for 2 periods of 10 years. And let me tell you, there are some bands that should stay dead and Hellbastard is one of them.

    With a very weird and old school sounding album “The Need To Kill” features a very awkward selection of tracks thankfully are very short. Some of them are fun to listen for a few minutes, but then they get ‘weird’ and I loose complete interest.

  • Suicidal Tendencies - Live at the Olympic Auditorium (2010)


    Having an impressive career spanning almost 30 years (including the three ‘breaks’ the band has taken) Suicidal Tendencies are one of the most recognized names in Crossover / Trash Metal, and are considered by many the fathers of this genre.

    The band did not start in this genre, but they made their start playing Punk and evolved into one of the most influential bands in the early Crossover scene. We have hear the band’s releases for years and while never getting completely into them, until you get to see them live.

  • Bloodline - Hate Procession (2009)


    Boasting members of Shining, Naglfar and Midvinter among other great bands we have the Swedish Black Metal monster called Bloodline. The band plays Raw Black Metal with some Industrial elements, reminding me of the legendary Mysticum at some points.

    With their impressive line-up the band does not fail short on delivering a very distressful aural assault that is not for the weak. Rooting them selves in raw Black Metal, and adding marvelous ambient elements, we get a perfect back drop that will make you have nightmares and feel what real Black Metal was all about.

  • Aherusia – And The Tides Shall Reveal The Traces (2009)


    In a very crowded Symphonic Black Metal scene, there are only a handful of bands that I could call original. Aherusia is one of them, hailing from Greece I personally never heard of them before, but they present us their debut full-length album “And The Tides Shall Reveal The Traces”.

    The band’s sound is very rich and presents us with a very interesting atmosphere created by the distorted guitars and a cretan lyra, an instrument that I’ve never heard before in my life. This instrument sounds like a violin/viola at sometimes and it gives the band that folk-ish sound that mainly Pagan/Viking/Folk Metal bands, but with a distinctive Black Metal edge.

  • Chaos Invocation - In Bloodline With the Snake (2009)


    Chaos Invocation is a German horde that are here to make a breakthrough in the Black Metal scene. With their debut album “In Bloodline With the Snake” the band leaps over thousands of bands when it comes to the quality of their music.

    Featuring 11 tracks of total occult destruction, this German band blows all the weaklings on the scene and positions themselves with the likes of Watain, Gorgoroth and similar bands.

  • The Beast of the Apocalypse - A Voice from the Four Horns of the Golden Altar (2009)


    Transcendental Creations is quickly becoming one of my favorite labels in terms of finding different music, having released A Forest of Stars “The Corpse of Rebirth”, and now they are back with “Voice from the Four Horns of the Golden Altar” from The Beast of the Apocalypse.

    The Beast of the Apocalypse is Dutch band formed in 2009, and they make a very solid statement in their first album: Primitive and Raw Black Metal is back with a vengeance. And I don’t mean this because of all the other Black Metal bands that released epic albums this year (see our top 10 Black Metal albums of 2009 list on January), but because The Beast displays natural abilities at making cold and raw BM that only the classic bands have been able to do.

  • The Down Spiral To Hell - The Advent of Neurosis (2008)


    Out of the countless CD’s I get on the mail or digitally every month, I have to say that only a few standout each month, and “The Advent of Neurosis” is one of the most recent ones.

    The Spanish duo called The Down Spiral To Hell have a really demented style that is very amusing to listen to. Mixing Black/Death/Grind Metal among other genres, make this release a listening journey into the abyss. The brutal riffs with Grind style vocals set the tone for this crushing album that will leave your head spinning for a few hours after the album is done.

  • The Resurrection Sorrow – Hour Of The Wolf (2009)


    Hailing from New York, USA, The Resurrection Sorrow plays a mean mixture of Heavy and Stoner Metal, and while not the most original band, they do a pretty good job at getting people moving with their music.

    “Hour Of The Wolf” features 10 tracks for over 45 minutes of rocking music that will grab your attention since track one. I’m not a huge fan of Stoner Metal, but the ‘heaviness’ infused by TRS make this album not have a dull moment.


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