Migdal Bavel – De Magia Veterum (2009)


If you are in the search for an album that will attack your ears mercilessly until they bleed, you are in the right place ”De Magia Verterum” features 10 tracks of very brutal and raw Black Metal.

This album comes very close to “The Codex Necro” of Anaal Nathrakh in terms of aural insanity. Migdal Bavel have managed to release something that will make you want to check yourself into a mental home after listening to it for a few times.

Ensiferum – From Afar (2009)


Two years after their amazing album “Iron”, Ensiferum is back with an even better album with “From Afar”. The band was touring for most of the 2 years in between releases but they managed to squeeze this brilliant album.

“From Afar” features nine racks that showcase the strengths that the band has showed in their previous releases and managed to make them more epic by adding new elements that blend to perfection with their old ones.

Interview with Ensiferum

Days before the release of Ensiferum's long awaited "From Afar", we were able to catch up with bassist Sami for a few question about the album and their extensive touring in support of "Iron". Download the interview to find out what he said to our questions. And check out our review of "From Afar" in our reviews section

Interview With God Seed

Infernal Masquerade was able to catch up with Gaahl and King during With Full Force 2009. During the interview with talk with the masterminds behind God Seed about their new album, the legal battle for the Gorgoroth name, among many other things. This was probably one of the last interviews that was conducted with Gaahl as part of God Seed and the Metal scene itself.

Interview With Deadlock

Infernal Masquerade had the opportunity of talking with Johannes Prem the vocalist of Deadlock, one of the most promising bands from Germany. We got to talk to him about their latest album "Manifesto" and the overall message in their music among other things. Please download our interview with the band so you can check out what he had to say.

Interview with Anathema

Afer being fans of the band for 15 years, we had the amazing opportunity to interview Jamie Cavanagh hours before their amazing performance at With Full Force 2009. For our bad luck the interview file got corrupted and we lost a few of the questions. He talked about his passion for making music, that if we want to do something we need to do it with passion. He also talked about the strong family bond that hold Anathema together as a band. And when the file starts he starts talking about their long awaited new album and few other things. Download the file to find out what else he is talking about.

With Full Force 2009 – July 3, 4 and 5 2009, Löbnitz, Germany

With Full Force 2009 – July 3, 4 and 5 2009, Löbnitz, Germany

After a very long and amazing trip to Europe our last stop was the 2009 With Full Force festival.

After a great Dream Theater and Cynic concert in Prague, Czech Republic I headed back to my rest spot in Prague and got my stuff ready to wakeup early and take the train to Dresden, Germany for some sight seeing on the way to my final destination of the day: Leipzig, Germany.

DARK FUNERAL Studio Update

Swedish black metallers DARK FUNERAL are currently holed up in Abyss Studio with producer Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Pain) recording their as-yet-untitled new full-length, schedule for release in November via Regain Records.

Tour Updates

9/25/2009 El Corazon - Seattle, WA
9/26/2009 Satyricon - Portland, OR
10/1/2009 The Distilery (21+) - Sacramento, CA
10/2/2009 Thee Parkside - San Francisco, CA
10/3/2009 Vixens - Sparks, NV
10/4/2009 Club Vegas (21+) - Salt Lake City, UT
10/5/2009 Marquis Theatre - Denver, CO
10/6/2009 OFF
10/7/2009 The Conservatory - Oklahoma City, OK
10/8/2009 Prophet Bar - Dallas, TX
10/9/2009 The Compound - Corpus, TX

ATMF News Update: Upcoming October Releases

SEMEN DATURA - Einsamkeit
Origin: Germany
Black metal as a renewed weapon can overcome the passing of time... German black metal legion SEMEN DATURA are poised to infect the scene with their most impressive album to date, where personality and skillful songcraft converge into a sound of pure darkness. Fams of Secrets of the Moon and Deathspell Omega pay heed.
Check out a sound sample here:


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