Spheric Universe Experience – Unreal (2009)


Spheric Universe Experience (S.U.E for short) is a 5 man band from France that plays traditional Progressive Metal. “Unreal” is the band’s latest album that offers us 9 tracks, each one telling a story about different paranormal phenomena.

The music of S.U.E sounds like a child of Dream Theater, Symphony X and <insert major Progressive metal band’s name here>. While not original in any way, the band is pretty good at mimicking the previously mentioned bands.

Tverd – Follow The Sun’s Way (2009)


I was completely blown away by this album since the first time I played it, and I have been listening to it ever since. Tverd is a Russian band that emerged from the band Pagan Reign, and they play some epic folk metal unlike other bands.

The band’s sound is extremely bombastic and very rich in folk instruments that had me trying to figure out exactly what instruments they use for a few hours. From start to end this album provides us with epic songs filled with great vocals, an amazing array of instruments and traditional Metal elements.

Headkase – The Worm County Circus (2009)


For a band that’s been around for 8 years, “The Worm Country Circus” is a very solid and well prepared debut album. These crazy Australians label themselves as ‘Circus Metal” and after listening to the CD plenty of times, I have to agree 100% with this description.

The 13 tracks on this album sound like a deranged composition straight out of a horror movie; House of 1000 corpses comes into mind. The whole circus theme of the band plays perfectly on the bizarreness of the bands sound and persona.

Debemur Morti Productions resurrects ARCKANUM early albums

Three milestones in Swedish Black Metal history are set for a glorious new dawn ! "Fran Marder", "Kostogher""Kampen" - ARCKANUM's legendary first trinity of oblations to Pan, the Mighty God of Nature - will be resurrected by Debemur Morti Productions on August 28th. Encased in noble digibook packaging, these exclusive re-excavations are enhanced by improved layout and remastered sound, courtesy of Andy Classen’s Stage One Studio.

WAY TO END : Album details disclosed

The title, artwork and full tracklisting of French depraved WAY TO END's forthcoming debut album are finally disclosed. "Desecrated Internal Journey" weaves seven sinuous, disarmingly dissonant spells of elevated-consciousness composition, “Black Metal” the starting point but by no means the end of their journey !

Tracklisting is as follows :
1. Facing The Abyss


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