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  • Armored Saint - La Raza (2010)

    Armored Saint is one of those bands that haven been on and off like as many times as a hooker drops her underwear in a month. However, every time the band comes back they either release a kick ass album or tour. “La Raza” is the band’s latest offering that continues the band’s tradition of releasing very solid albums that make people remember them once more.

    Featuring John Bush from Anthrax fame and Joey Vera from Fates Warning fame, you know you have a pretty solid band only by hearing these two names. The band plays straight up ‘classic’ or traditional Metal, and they do so which such grace that only a handful of bands can pull this off.

  • Fates Warning – Parallels (Re-Issue Special Edition) (2010)

    Almost 20 years after the original release of “Parallels” we get a great re-issuse that features a bunch of goodies that will please ALL the fans of this legendary band. And to top it all there will be a few select reunion shows to support this re-release, so be ready to travel in order to catch a glimpse of the band live.

    This re-release features the full original album completely re-mastered and sounding more impressive than even. The extra CD features 8 live tracks (that have great audio quality) and 6 demo versions of tracks from “Parallels”. We particularly love the demo tracks, which allow you to get a more in-depth insight of how the band intended the tracks to sound originally, before going to the studio. They also allow you to discover little differences here and there.

  • This Ending - Dead Harvest (2009)

    This band features the drummer from Amon Amarth and pretty much all the members from A Canorous Quintet / The Plague. This album features a mixture of old school death metal, and some more modern black/death metal style of music. And it’s not bad by any means, but it just feels like something put together over a weekend while having some beers.

    The music it self is of good quality, but it gets pretty old after a few songs. Also the vocals are not up to par to compared to other bands.

  • Autumn - Altitude (2009)

    Autumn is one of my favorite bands coming from the Netherlands, Solar Wake from their Summer’s End album is in my top 30 songs of all time. After hearing that Nienke de Jong left the band in 2008 for health reasons, I was eagerly waiting to see how they sound with their new vocalist.

    While the new singers vocals are a great fit for Autumn’s gothic metal style, this album marks their progression into a more gothic rock style since their music has a more mainstream feeling and I would not be amazed if they reach the popularity levels that bands like Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation have.


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