Abazagorath – Disciples of Sacrilege (2017)


As one of the most revered USBM bands, Abazagorath delivers their latest offering in the shape of a live cassette titled “Disciples of Sacrilege”. Perfectly capturing the band’s raw energy and sound evolution, this tape features the band playing songs from all studio releases. Clocking in around 50 minutes and being highly limited (150 copies); this is an item that cannot be missing in any USBM collection.

Opening with a savage rendition of the 1997’s “Rites of the Black Herald”, we are shown that the band’s three piece line-up means business. While there are small stylistic differences between the songs as the band evolved, tracks like “Ancient Steel” and “Beyond the Veils of Obscurity” are very well updated to the band’s current sound but still retain the quirks that made them brilliant during their heyday.

“Death Hammer” is one of our favorite tracks and they manage to deliver a killer rendition of it, making 10 times more vicious and incisive. Side B kicks off with the melancholic “Lifeless”, a very powerful piece of music filled with punishing riffs and superb drumming patterns. Warhead, the band’s sole remaining founding member continues to crush on vocals with terrifying renditions of “In the Heart of a Dying Star” and the brilliant “Immortals”.

With “Buried in Hell” closing down this release, are left wanting more Abazagorath music. This band has been a pillar of USBM and never strayed from their ravaging and pushing sound. If you have been following the band through the years, this will bring back memories of their earlier works. As a limited live release, the production is crystal clear allowing the band’s pummeling live sound to perfectly be captured and transmitted through your speakers.

Band: Abazagorath Album: Disciples of Sacrilege

Label: Eternal Death

Release: April 28th, 2017

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Black Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 90/100

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