Lucifer’s Fall – II: Cursed & Damned (2016)


Hailing from Australia, today we have Doom/Heavy Metal battalion Lucifer’s Fall presenting their sophomore full-length release “II: Cursed & Damned”. Crafting over 55 minutes of music, the band delivers a very catchy mixture of heavy Doom riffs with lively traditional Heavy Metal and NWOBHM influences. Filled with epic vocals are solid melodic passages this release is highly recommendable for people that like Doomy bands that are quite engaging and lively.

The album opens with the superbly catchy “Mother Superior”, a song that starts with killer riffs and instantly showcases the vocal versatility of Philip Howlett aka Deceiver. The band continues to deliver crushing riffs on tracks like “Damnation”, “The Mountains of Madness” and “Cursed Priestess”, all while creating very thick atmospheres to surround the soaring vocal arrangements and punishing bass guitar lines.

Featuring some Punk and NWOBHM influences, “We’re Lucifer’s Fall” and “Sacrifice” are probably the catchiest songs in this release as they deliver solid guitar leads and very festive atmosphere. However, things continue on the dark and doomy path as “The Necromancer” and “The Invocator / Curse Be Thy Name”. This later track is actually one of the most unique songs as it merges all their influences into one very engaging song.

Closing with the sinister “Homunculus”, Lucifer’s Fall has managed to deliver a very solid sophomore release that moves away from the genre clichés and delivers fresh ideas. “II: Cursed & Damned” is a crushing release from a very promising young band. If you like a solid Doom Metal core with extra influences thrown into the mix, this is definitely the album for you.

Band: Lucifer’s Fall Album: II: Cursed & Damned

Label: Nine Records

Release: December 12th, 2016

Official Site Social Media

Genre: Doom/Heavy Metal

Country: Australia

Rating: 88/100

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